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says without us. it is about our informed self interest from this device a responsibility not only to say everything we cannot do with reference to the historical roots of our act of the most restrictive export policy and poem entry amin but instead. the women must state more clearly. where and what we can contribute to strengthening the european pillar and security policy on. then and only then will our limitations be understood. this isn't very groundsman are we really serious about europe then there should be no timid heart beating at the center of europe then we need the courage to keep on we examining the substance of our responsibility staying abreast with the times because of. the guests at the end. i know from many conversations
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i've had across the country that there is a fundamental widespread need for simplicity and 17. but given the state of the world this is a promise no one would take an honest and open you look. at what is happening before i can make good to go rather the world will become even more ambiguous more complex my contradictory. i know that doesn't make it easier i know that many people at least in germany i want rate that the words responsibility is being used to hide for 1st and foremost military missions abroad. this is something is wrong. in today's world responsibility means above for all facing up to reality not becoming far to listing. and continually looking for practical ways in which to
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change and improve the world. and we must be aware in germany. that this will not happen from a position of weakness of mine from germany however can only gain its strength from a shared community with other. and that's why we need to contribute more on it to this strength so let us not be driven by fear and anxiety and franklin roosevelt with the us president under whom america freed europe the only thing he said at the time. the only thing we have to fear is fear itself. this is true with an eye to the future of our democracy here at home and it is true of our role in europe and the world openly view of the world. through deals developments that are astonishing in encouraging progress in the fight against poverty against hunger and child mortality countries and they're going to transformation such as if he opium
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societies that are opening up like sudan are speakers on after having been shut off for many years and millions of people in many countries of the word calling for recognition and dignity calling for participation and for opportunities to develop their personalities and we can no longer meeting this deep human need. is the normative project that the west once set itself. the europe was going to the dogs and and germany in particular. we do well to take a list missionary approach to the world with the use of our political and gender does not include westernizing the world of the good it was mentioned dogma however . we cannot and must not abandon the normative project of creating our world
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which makes the dignity of the individual one of the overarching goals laid down 75 years ago the preamble to the charge of the united nations alongside peace and security putting the strength of that all before the law of the strength strong as the that cannot be the standard for god a state action or not it is an open project without geographical borders without skin color if we ourselves keep it alive if we can once again breathe life into our dia's instant institutions then it will have an impact and set an example of far beyond our own borders it will build trust and develop new power and self confidently not with a sense of mission. that is our task. it's going to be our contribution and we will do it with realism and curiosity drive and confidence. thank you very much enjoy the conference.
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if. you're just joining us you're in today we've been watching here our special live coverage of the new security conference that there was the german president. speaking right after the conference chairman of. both men talking about the urgent need for multilateralism for working together in what we have german president call an increasingly disruptive dynamic by global powers away from cooperation towards unilateralist and both men there speaking about the need to fill the vacuum of leadership and we've been listening into that speech our correspondents in manaus shots with us here in studio and. on the ground at the munich security conference there for us and we see the live pictures as the conference continues it is just getting kicked off that was the beginning of the conference michelle i'd like to
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start with you that was a wide ranging speech as we expected from the german president what stood out to you. what really stood out to me is that sounded like something of the moral conscience of multilateralism actually taking historical reference from the very founding days of the united nations seen as a lesson from the 2nd world war which of course was started by germany and then he said that this kind of nationalism the actions by russia. where it invaded crimea the united states questioning. them but also china only signing up to international norm when it doesn't go against national interest and that was something that was fundamentally disturbing the international world order also. this rules based order to only then refer back to these 3 countries when he was talking about the veto powers of which all 3 of them are one in the united nations
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saying that without power comes responsibility and really an appeal to these new powers that is so redrawing the international power right now to stand up to the responsibility to develop very systems now that's not surprising coming from germany foreign ministers also from something called the multilateral this but at the same time the modesto mess stressed that germany was nobody to lecture other countries and that the time that the opportunity was being lost right now to tackle the issues that can only be tackled to get the global threats 1st and foremost of course climate change so i think this will go down as a wrist his story is the cheer at the same time he is germany's highest representative he simply doesn't have the political clout that he used to have when he spoke here last in 2014 is german foreign minister and that's also why he
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stressed that world leaders should also see this somewhat removed from day to day politics all right am i coming to you here in the studio i'd love to hear your thoughts on what we heard from the german president we mentioned before the speeches began that the theme of this conference is west listeners and it sounds like this was an appeal from. for europe also to take more responsibility i mean what were your thoughts on his words. called for more cooperation a global stage both particularly from europe he called for more and defense spending from the european union and that's quite interesting because. the nato partners have already member states have already had difficulties to restart to pass percent. scale and now he's asking his if he's even calling for more investments in defend spending his spending as he said europe is not allowed
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to fail to fail to fail he said he was aware of the politico of the ideological divide within the european union he also mentioned national interests that's where seemingly prevailing these days preventives europe for taking joint action and i quote him when he said this robs us of our future in an interconnected world so we did was was very interesting in that space is that he stressed the importance of working together or finding solution to get there he also mentioned that the international institutions were gripped that they were there was a relapse into all the patterns in terms of thinking and that that was extremely dangerous other times where where populism and nationalism is on the rives what did you make of what michelle i just touch upon the fact that we had the german president a list some of the challenges. facing you know the european community the west and
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also mentioned russia china and then similarly the us in the same breath as the challenges that are back well he acknowledges that the western world the western bloc as we know it is no longer the key player on the international stage other powers have emerged and they've gained more and more traction. in these situations of. international institutions sorry and also media tally he talked about russia's military presence in ukraine he talked about the fact that. i was getting. he talked about those powers that didn't belong to the west and that are becoming more and more. i mean that and that europe for example cannot. prevail if it doesn't back together yeah as you've been speaking and we're just looking at some of these pictures of you know the u.s.
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at one of the biggest delegations ever to this munich security conference we see the speaker of the house nancy pelosi getting on stage here we also just saw the former secretary of state john kerry and again that delegation really speaks to the importance of the u.s. at this event. just to bring you back in on this what tone do you think that speech sets for this weekend ahead because this is supposed to be more than just speeches also a chance for world leaders dignitaries diplomats to really come together and talk business. was the closest to naming and shaming of international leading countries amongst them allies germany president could possibly get it is what we just now the music yoga conference is about to launch into what will be a very interesting discussion with nancy pelosi and the head of the german bundestag germany's parliament about the threat for democracy now we're talking about pretty essential stuff this is the nuts and bolts of how the west describes itself defines itself and that is of course democracy that is international law and
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i think there was a real warning here by func by again in this more representative role as president to signal that germany will play along that germany wants to be more open it wants to listen to others and that the international world order if last could take and i think this was implicitly between the lines something rather terrible to get to that same point of enlightenment again now this all seems like a pretty removed stuff but it gets more concrete when you think of the european defense architecture when you think of nato and he said that this juxtaposition of europe wanting to get stronger in its own capabilities and europe . strengthening nato shouldn't be seen as opposites that and he didn't throw that reference directly but implicitly that it would simply take a stronger europe with stronger capabilities to keep the united states even
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interested in still participating in day 2 against a backdrop of the center of gravity for international security sifting towards a well go figure that things are changing times and he's really calling on leaders to rethink cooperation but they must everybody thinking of their own security won't do the job against the backdrop of international challenges the very ground. when you then look in the cold light of day at the wrangling. stabilizes the middle east it's a very different picture of course of that cooperation based on what we heard from both the german president and the chairman of the conference. on what they called a common set of values that have long described this world order that is now disintegrating as you're saying and we have somebody i think a clip just from earlier from. her speaking precisely about that let's listen in.
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our founder eva one kleis one said that this conference was conceived not as a this conference but it is a discussion among equals this is the core of what we have tried to call the munich. we aspired to be as interactive as possible and we expect from you that you contribute to the open form atmosphere that sits us apart whether we're off the stage we expect our speakers to answer questions and deal with the audience at eye level. ok emma we heard about an issue at the conference chairman there speaking about the necessity of working at eye level and is whether these are big countries or small countries do regardless of the influence they have on the global stage looking at that you know which country really is poised to take
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leadership in that debate in that discussion well there is one key player that is expected tomorrow at the munich security conference and that's french president. macro he's he had made some comments last year on nato calling it brain dead and everyone was up in arms against that but he also led to a rethinking of the diplomatic and military. of nato gave warning to the west and block he said if we can think of europe as a global power then in to it does appear to be true it will take a hard knock and that's why is the person who's trying to push up to become more independent from the u.s. for example he's also trying to. urge. to install france as a nuclear deterrent power against. against other countries he wants that europe work on a diary to make any he wants more assertiveness for europe and
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a west end where the last september he actually of formed a new alliance the alliance for. a lot about islam and that's exactly what i was talking about so a new a new group of people copulating within each other ok. so a strong unified europe can be the answers are officially coming to you is that something that people there would be on board with is there enough is there the unity needed in europe to take on that role. no is the sort of answer and i think what was also a clear message for franco just time of day is that germany in its own national interest simply cannot afford to see the european union fail and that really is something where he is stressed the point that germany is pretty much willing to do whatever it takes to to keep this up together here in the european union where there is a lot of disparity both about how to deal with russia how emboldened european
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aspirations for its own defense capabilities should be and of course facing the. constant fear really certainly felt in berlin all the time that europe could be caught in the middle if there is a trade war and if there is some kind of standoff this is think of the south china sea in the interests of the united states still a world power and china a growing world power we show you touched on russia there and something that we've heard that has been a source of controversy with the french president he has suggested that it's important for the europe not to regard russia as an adversary something that poland and baltic states have not been too happy about we heard the german president comment specifically on russia let's listen into that. russian. rightly or wrongly offend as an alienated is not only an ex crimea and total
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disregard of international law it turned mandatory for the violent redrawing of borders on the european continent into political instruments and the result is. unpredictability of confrontation and to lost trust. i'm listening to that one of the challenges the fight to shine my head to discuss their i mean how much unity do you think there is between france and germany we just heard michelle a say that this is something that has been also a point of contention in europe well. how diverging opinions on russia itself they seem to have reached consensus in terms of common defense that was also something that will be discussed is the european come on defense and for example this wednesday last wednesday german parliamentary have voted more subsidies towards a joint initiative between france and germany to develop. european defense forces so we see that even if they have diverging opinions on russia they are willing to
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work together so as to make a strong here opinion michelle isn't this a refrain we've heard now a few years in a row at the very latest since u.s. president trying to office that there's a need for europe to develop its own a strong defense its own voice what is actually changed in the past few years i mean this again has been a point of discussion the last few years at the munich security conference as well . i just want to stress that there's a of course an underlying tension of what strengthening our own defense capabilities means that also means defense contracts and you know the europeans are fighting amongst each other to find a common line on what kind of capabilities they want to have with the united states leading rather heavily on their e.u. allies to buy american and so it's not just about who has which capabilities it's also which defense technology and essentially which economic benefits
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you buy into and that's where europe once to demonstrate that it has own capabilities at the same time it also has to think very very hard what a potential political price could be so europe still doesn't have a common line amongst them so. how they would want to divide up the markets let alone what the bonds would cheat would look to like with the u.s. that's not just a side issue that's actually also core issue when it comes to defense when we don't talk about on the ground we just saw. the defense secretary of the u.s. give a joint press conference with anecdotes come combo of the german defense minister were both pledged that it would want to continue fighting isis and when it gets more concrete in terms of also stabilizing iraq we had an admission then the german defense minister that yes they took capabilities that should stay the same but the proportions would be shifting now just not mean that germany would take up more
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responsibility that she wouldn't commit to that either so as soon as it gets very details. on what should be done and on in terms of also boots on the ground whether they're training soldiers or actually doing more these things suddenly become very complicated and and both nato and europe don't really seem that strong anymore where do you look at where they physically go michelle i want to ask you about another one of the big challenges that we've been discussing all day and then certainly will be on the agenda there in munich which is the situation in syria at the moment we've seen a disastrous humanitarian situation unfolding in syria and it lived hundreds of thousands of people on the move there and we heard the conference chairman both an issue going into this conference saying that there's been an unforgettable failure in serving the people of syria also on behalf of europe and what kind of action do you think we might see this is a war that's been going on for 9 years and has also been discussed as you said in
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the past there in munich. and i think it's safe to say that the common interpretation by now is that you have made a complete mess of syria that you we all remember that there was talk of a no fly zone that was supposed to be implemented. the europeans wouldn't really go for it and essentially now the real power brokers there are yes still the assad regime but russia on the ground and talking and. those to the foreign ministers are due to meet at the munich security conference and if you need any kind of illustration for the west coast notes in solving conflicts syria would be the one and. when you look at libya there are more constructive efforts made we expect another installment of what's called the berlin conference following up from just 2 weeks ago the libya conference in berlin but then again there was a manifesto and on the grounds that things are still looking pretty tense so the
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west has to deliver some diplomatic success is to really gain the kind of credibility it wants to achieve once again but again that unity is doesn't simply doesn't seem to be there for now all right well let's take a look at another one of the challenges that the german president i felt this time i outlined which is the power and rise of china let's 1st listen to exactly what he said you know. china and its. own over the. had an impressive rise and has become an important act and then its national institutions as well becoming indispensable for the protection of global public goods at the same time it is selective in accepting international law only where it does not want counter to its own interests its actions in the south china sea unsettling to neighbors in the region and its actions against minorities
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in the country disturb us all. emma starting with you china is certainly on everyone's mind in munich as a huge military power economic power in what way do you think this is going to factor into the discussions we can well that's going to be in this weekend even if china ever present it is there to. become a huge military power of time i had said that he also called the county called out the country on its actions against minorities for example so quite a strong statement nevertheless china has become a major diplomatic act. not least between the u.s. and north korea and. countries so one major theme as well will be cyber security with the chinese telecoms an issue is who is always expansion worldwide so china will also be one of the topics discussed this weekend michelle maybe can just
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quickly get you to chime in on that as well and your thoughts on what this what role china will play this weekend in this coverage especially as the saying this question of allowing our way to build up 5 g. technology seems to be really coming to a head. yes absolutely there is a threat or u.s. allies that if huawei that chinese company is allowed to build key parts of networks that would then mean less corporation in terms of security specifically intelligence sharing at the same time one must bear in mind at the same time as china is physically building islands in the south china sea the americans essentially got notice from the philippines that they will not continue the defense corp essentially any kind of u.s. bases there would have to give ground that is already kind of defeat essentially
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there in the region and of what you mentioned about. an orgy is can be interpreted as a slight reference to the situation of the week is where there's plenty of evidence now that they're not just being suppressed but actually and all right there is certainly a lot to talk about this week and our chief political editor. there on the ground at the munich security conference and in many ways shots here in our studio both of you will be part of the team covering this conference all weekend long and you will have full coverage live coverage over the span of this weekend thank you both. let's get a reminder of what this story is that we're following for you our top story here the chairman of the munich security conference was opened at the annual meeting saying the present state of global security is simply an acceptable and unacceptable. urging all sides and especially europe to pull together to solve a long list of conflicts around the globe about her and the german president funny how this time i said global insecurity is being exacerbated by an identity crisis in the west with the west no longer working together on issues of security and
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defense where leaders and top security experts are attending this gathering and that are welcome to the u.s. delegation saying europe needs to bring invest in relations with washington. thank you for watching you don't you stay tuned.
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